Robert Dieterle is an experienced entrepreneur and executive with a long record of the successful creation and management of technology and genomics-related businesses. 

He was previously General Manager of the Cerner Corporation, CEO of the Cerner Consortium in the UK, President of Correlagen, COO of Careinsite, and President of THINC in NYC. He spent the last several years working with HHS, CMS, and ONC to develop national standards to protect and exchange healthcare information to improve the health and wellbeing of patients. 

Robert has extensive experience in creating mutually beneficial relationships with significant partners both in the US and internationally. As TechAccel expands into markets that involve human diagnostics and treatment prediction, his relationships with both provider and payer organizations, which have been developed over multiple decades, will strongly contribute to the success of the company‚Äôs mission. 

Robert received degrees in Chemistry and Bioengineering from the University of Michigan and continuing education in immunology at Harvard Medical..

President and CEO, 
TechAccel LLC
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