Collaboration is the engine of our success.™
We partner with Universities and Research Institutes, Strategics, Startups, and Venture Firms.

Universities & Research Institutes

A strategic network of 25+ universities and research institutes partner with TechAccel to perform de-risking and advancement research to bring early-stage innovation into a marketable form.

Four Ways of Partnering 

Our partner institutions are leading sources of innovation and research services, as well as leading subject-matter experts in agriculture, plant science, animal health and food technology.

Our partners include:
- University of California, Davis
- University of Missouri
- Kansas State University
- Iowa State University
- South Dakota State University
- Oklahoma State University
- Swansea University
- Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Subject-Matter Expertise: TechAccel contracts university faculty as consultants for investment due diligence activities and research scoping

Research Capabilities: TechAccel sponsors research at universities to advance and de-risk portfolio technologies

Innovation: TechAccel seeks early-stage innovations and partners with the university to fund research and advance innovation toward commercialization.

Emerging Companies: TechAccel provides equity capital and support to university start-up companies that match our interest areas.


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 work with universities and gives examples.

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Strategics -- Global Industry Leaders 

The TechAccel model addresses a structural change in the marketplace – industry majors are consolidating; R&D budgets are decreasing; promising technology is deprioritized and left underdeveloped.

Externalization of innovation advancement to partners like TechAccel is an increasingly critical component of the industry success equation.

We focus on global challenges in plant and animal science with sizeable markets, industry validation, and our unique competency to combine research and commercialization.

With integrated global innovation sourcing, science advancement and acceleration, TechAccel develops assets to their earliest possible commercial milestones – ready for acquisition to take to market or return to a strategic portfolio.  

Deal structure and exit scenarios offer flexibility and maximize return for our partners and investors.

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TechAccel invests in start-up companies where we can add scientific and strategic value. Start-up firms can leverage the deep expertise of our team, as well as our network of research institutions, subject-matter experts, and go-to-market partners to deliver accelerated solutions at scale.

Although TechAccel is not structured as a Fund, our model leverages equity investments in high-potential agriculture, animal health, food tech start-ups to deploy and advance the start-up platform in adjacent opportunities.

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Venture Capital Firms 

VCs like investing alongside TechAccel for our deeply experienced multidisciplinary diligence, and our credibility as the science advancement partner.

When TechAccel invests in an agtech or animal health platform technology, we fund the advancement that brings the platform to viability in markets adjacent to the core business, providing new revenue potential for all involved. Deal structure and exit scenarios offer flexibility for partners and investors.

Our science advancement approach, with stage gate project management, maximizes VC investments. 

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