Brian Hauge, Ph.D., is a former Monsanto Science Fellow with deep experience in gene expression, genetic research and epigenetics.

He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1986 and performed post-doc research to produce the first physical map of the Arabidopsis genome (a plant related to mustard). He was a tenured Instructor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School until he joined Tranksaryotic Therapies Inc. (TKT) in Cambridge, Mass., to direct the cloning of proteins of therapeutic importance. He joined the Monsanto subsidiary Cereon Genomics as lead of Strategic Genetics, where he developed methods for identification of markers for molecular breeding and cloned plant genes conferring soybean cyst nematode resistance. He moved to St. Louis to lead Monsanto’s cloning and sequencing group.

Most recently, he focused on using epigenetics for crop improvement. He retired from Monsanto in 2016.


Sr. Science Advancement Manager
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