Tina Youngblood on “Buy Grow Sell” podcast

Tina Youngblood, chief enterprise officer for TechAccel, recently was a featured guest on the “Buy Grow Sell” podcast with host Simon Bedard.

Find the podcast here: https://buygrowsell.com/calling-in-the-big-gun-ceo-to-turnaround-sell-your-business/

In this interview, Tina shares her philosophy on living a purpose-driven life; the values of Love, Mercy, and Grace; and her six guiding principles to success.

She explains:

“I know what I don’t know.”
“I know how to surround myself with smart and talented people who have complementary skillsets.”
“I do know how to ask pretty decent questions, from that whole accounting background thing.”
“I’m very honest and transparent in my communications.”
“I challenge the status quo.”
“And I know that culture is everything.”
Those six things, she notes, are industry agnostic and put her on the path to success.

Tina tells the story of her previous experience as CEO of Pathfinder Health Innovations, a software firm supporting applied behavioral health therapists. The product supports practice management and clinical data collection.

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