The Download on TechAccel

First published at the St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce Aug. 12, 2020, by Tabitha Sarris.

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In this episode:

Have you ever sat down to a meal and considered that the food you are consuming as innovative? Maybe, maybe not, but Michael Helmstetter has and his company, TechAccel is focused on agriculture and animal health. 

TechAccel is a venture and technology development organization. They deploy the capital and research services to advance technologies within the agtech and animal health space. Founded in 2014 in Kansas City, MO, learn how TechAccel has expanded into St. Louis and how you can get involved.  

  • Why did they decide St. Louis was the next step for expansion?
  • What impact has TechAccel had on St. Louis since 2017?
  • They’re open to exploring innovation with transformative impact – are you someone that wants to be involved? Help create jobs? Partner with TechAccel?

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