Supporting Innovation with Collaboration

The TechAccel science advancement model emerged from discussions examining the commercialization of new ideas, the need for collaboration between early-stage companies and research, and the potential for collaboration with global Ag/Animal Health firms.

The Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization had identified a clear gap between technology concept and strong supporting evidence that a technology will work for its intended purpose — often referred to as “proof-of-concept.”

Even if an early-stage technology has extensive market potential, the lack of supporting evidence nearly always leads companies to focus their limited resources on technologies with a lower risk profile, which in many instances have less market opportunity.

Recognizing this development gap and the opportunity related to shifting global demographics, led to the formation of TechAccel with Michael Helmstetter, Ph.D.

, and the company’s Board of Directors.

In its early months, the company identified target sectors in animal health, agriculture and food industry. The company leveraged many concepts and funding strategies in use in the human health (pharma and devices) industry, where private capital is deployed to share the financial risk of early-stage pharmaceutical development. This lower risk-profile then can attract a larger co-development partner.

TechAccel found opportunity to co-develop transformative technologies in partnership with multinational and emerging agriculture, animal health, and food companies, as well as venture capital firms.  Through collaborations with universities and research organizations, TechAccel conducts innovative research and development to ready technologies for commercialization by TechAccel’s global industry partners.


To partner with agriculture and animal health industry leaders in technology innovation to increase food production and quality and enhance companion animal health.


To be the “go to” science advancement partner in agriculture and animal health.

Technology Acceleration Partners (TechAccel) is a technology and venture development company focused on the advancement of innovation in partnership with leaders in Agriculture, Animal Health, and Food sectors.

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