Venture Capital Firms

Dual Due Diligence: Financial & Scientific Analysis

Venture capital plays an important role in advancing and commercializing an emerging company’s innovation.

This investment usually focuses on infrastructure and operations to grow the business and market its products or services until it reaches sufficient size and credibility for an “exit event” – acquisition, merger, buyout, etc.

We’re right there with you.

But we bring more than equity. We bring investment in science advancement, or Equity+, as we call it. We invest only in areas where R&D can bring game-changing technology to market.

It’s a way to increase shots on goal.

Our investments explore expansion in adjacent markets outside the core business’s swim lane.

We’ll use our R&D model and our network of affiliated research universities and institutions to apply a company’s novel technologies in new places – while the emerging company stays focused on its core business.

And when the technology is ready, chances are good we’ve got interested global leaders lined up.

Venture firms tell us they like the added diligence we bring to an investment. Our data-driven reviews go deep into the science, in ways most VCs can’t. We provide an extra layer of credibility to an emerging firm and its investors.

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