Erika Sweeney

Administrative Consultant

With 25 years success in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, Erika is an experienced Corporate Operations and Human Resources/Benefits manager dedicated to achieving company goals and building cohesive teams to meet company objectives.  Erika’s primary focus over the years has been in the area of start-up companies and building them from the ground up.

Erika began her career in the non-profit world with the National Kidney Foundation of Kansas and Western Missouri.  Her primary focus was Human Resources/Benefits, Volunteer Management and Office Management and often extended to working with the team on event coordination and fundraising activities.

Erika was recruited to leave the Kidney Foundation and start up a biotechnology company, AVAX Technologies, a private biotech company in the field of cancer vaccine research and development.  She was with AVAX four years as Administrative Operations Manager leading all Human Resources/Benefits and Corporate Operations and growth for offices in Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania and liaised on various functions with additional offices in Australia and France.  

Erika left AVAX along with the CEO of AVAX to form a consulting group, The Pareto Group, where she was a partner specializing in Corporate Operations and Human Resources/Benefits.  The Pareto Group also had three marketing and public relations partners located in New York.

The Pareto Group dissolved when Midwest Research Institute (now MRIGlobal) asked the two Kansas City based partners to spin-out a company around a declassified technology.  Erika was a founding member and Chief Administration Officer of Evogen, Inc. (Formerly, Sceptor Industries).  Evogen, Inc. continues as a biosafety company that specializes in air sampling technologies and owns a significant technology in the US Postal Service Biological Detection System that tests the US mail for anthrax, an ongoing project for the Company.  Evogen has since expanded its area of focus to include other technologies.  Erika spent 15 years at Evogen where she lead all Human Resources/Benefits functions and daily Corporate Operations for the Company, managing personnel and projects between multiple work groups and offices.   

Today Erika is the owner of Brookside Administrative Operations Services (BAOS), a consulting company specializing in Human Resources/Benefits, Corporate Operations and Administrative support for start-up companies and non-profit organizations.  BAOS helps start-ups in establishing, supporting and managing corporate infrastructure, adding value to any organization in need of support on a temporary or on-going basis.  Erika has specialized experience in the industries of biotechnology, life science and healthcare with companies in the areas of manufacturing and fabrication, science and engineering.