David Forsee

Business Development

David Forsee leads the TechAccel emerging company/venture investment strategy. David plays a lead role in TechAccel’s alignment with Agriculture venture funds, as well as the focus on agriculture and animal health technologies outside of traditional crop and food/companion animal innovation.

David is the President and Founder of Brookside Capital LLC, an advisory firm providing business development services, primarily to technology companies in the Midwest, with a focus on renewable energy and agriculture. David’s role in technology development has included advising and evaluating a diverse portfolio of companies, from regional agricultural equipment dealerships and logistics to new technologies for biofuels markets.

He was Founder, CEO and Chairman of MachineryLink, Inc. from its incorporation in 2000 until April 2006. David previously served as an executive with Child Health Corporation and Baxter Healthcare. His responsibilities included venture investing, new business development, and national account sales.

David has a BS/BA  from the University of Missouri and a MBA from Harvard Business School.