Global Industry Leaders

TechAccel Supports Global Industry Leaders

Good ideas can sprout anywhere. No one has a monopoly on innovation.

That’s how TechAccel supports and partners with global industry leaders:

  • Bringing innovations and emerging opportunities to fill portfolio gaps

  • Advancing programs “stranded” just below your prioritized funding

  • Advancing programs into adjacent market areas

  • Sourcing solutions for partner needs

  • TechAccel handles the due diligence to identify, select, and develop the right solutions to align with our partner companies’ strategy.

Our evaluation process is thorough and data-driven. We seek out disruptive technology with the power to transform agriculture, animal health, and food industries.

TechAccel co-funds, sources, and manages the research and development to advance the solution, using our “Equity+” model and our network of affiliated universities and research institutions. The leading researchers in agriculture and animal health are connected to TechAccel.

Global companies take over the project at the point that makes sense for them, using TechAccel’s flexible deal terms.

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