05 Jul

This opinion piece, by TechAccel President and CEO Michael Helmstetter, first appeared in Forbes June 26, 2018.  Venture investors poured more than $4 billion* into agtech last year, and we are on pace to match or exceed that this year. The convergence of AI, cloud computing, big data and gene editing, with applications from soil to […]

26 Jun

Program Funds Novel Method for Genome Editing; Trial will Focus on Tomato Plants   DAVIS, CA and KANSAS CITY, MO–June 26, 2018–TechAccel, the Kansas City–based technology and venture development company, today announced its selection of a grant recipient under the Venture Catalyst Science Translation and Innovative Research (STAIR™) Grant program at The University of California, […]

18 May

Written by TechAccel President and CEO Michael Helmstetter, this article first appeared on the GlobalAg Investing website May 17, 2018. It also appears in the GAI Gazette June 2018, Volume 5, Issue 2.  The 2015 agtech investment bubble was a master class in the difference between ‘big money’ and ‘smart money’. Big money flows indiscriminately into […]

12 Apr

AgriTech Tomorrow published this article by TechAccel CEO Michael Helmstetter, Ph.D., April 12, 2018: Last year recorded groundbreaking technological advances in agriculture, even as the ag giants focused on consolidation. In looking back over the trends that shaped 2017, we can locate the signs pointing to the big stories we anticipate this year. Last year […]

19 Mar

Chief Science Officer Brad Fabbri wrote the following opinion article, which first appeared in the Genetic Literacy Project, March 19, 2018: Here are three startling facts about the planet Earth: It currently hosts seven and a half billion people. Its carrying capacity is estimated between eight and ten billion people. It is expected to host […]

08 Mar

Renewed Commitment to Invest in Innovation from UC Davis Researchers; Applications Available Now DAVIS, CA, and KANSAS CITY, MO, – March 8, 2018– UC Davis Venture Catalyst and TechAccel LLC  today announced an expanded partnership that provides increased support for the university’s Science Translation and Innovative Research (STAIR™) Grant program, which provides funding for proof-of-concept research aimed […]

26 Feb

Feb. 20, 2018 AgriPulse‘s  Sara Wyant published a detailed roundup on the entrepreneurs, researchers and emerging firms vying for leadership in the emerging field of precision breeding in AgTech.  Her wide-ranging report was one of a series in The Breeding Edge, which asks: Will the breeding evolution lead to the next green revolution? The article […]

22 Feb

Project with The Siegel Lab in the Genome Center of the University of California, Davis KANSAS CITY, MO, and DAVIS, CA – February 22, 2018–TechAccel LLC, a Kansas City-based technology and venture development company, today announced it has initiated a protein engineering research project with The Siegel Lab in the Genome Center of the University […]

Feb. 12, 2018 Jodi Henke of Successful Farming Radio, at Agriculture.com, recently interviewed TechAccel President and CEO Michael Helmstetter, Ph.D., about AgTech 2018. The audio interview is available at Successful Farming.  If it weren’t for risk-taking entrepreneurs in agriculture, we’d probably still be plowing fields with horses. The way we farm continues to evolve as new […]

08 Feb

St. Louis-based Company Uses Chloroplast Engineering for Trait Development in Row Crops  KANSAS CITY and ST. LOUIS, MO–February 8, 2018–TechAccel LLC announced today it has completed a science advancement investment with Plastomics Inc., a St. Louis-based biotechnology startup making better crops through chloroplast engineering. “Plastomics’ technology holds tremendous promise in its ability to manipulate genetic […]