08 Feb

St. Louis-based Company Uses Chloroplast Engineering for Trait Development in Row Crops  KANSAS CITY and ST. LOUIS, MO–February 8, 2018–TechAccel LLC announced today it has completed a science advancement investment with Plastomics Inc., a St. Louis-based biotechnology startup making better crops through chloroplast engineering. “Plastomics’ technology holds tremendous promise in its ability to manipulate genetic […]

Early stage funding gap 11 Jan

This commentary, written by Brett Morris, CFA, was first published on Global Ag Investing on Jan. 11, 2018: http://www.globalaginvesting.com/early-stage-agtech-funding-gap/ Early in 2017 I was approached by several CEOs seeking additional funding for their startup. This is nothing out of the ordinary for venture professionals as we see hundreds of deals come across our desk annually. […]

21 Dec

This article first appeared on Successful Farming at Agriculture.com on Dec. 14, 2017. By Gil Gullickson.  Gene editing is akin to flicking on a light switch (almost). On the surface, a light switch and gene editing have as much in common as a linebacker does with a ballerina. Dig a bit deeper, though. “In a very […]

21 Dec

TechAccel President and CEO Michael Helmstetter recently talked with Aerin Einstein-Curls of FeedNavigator about opportunities for investment in AgTech innovations.  See the full article at FeedNavigator: What AgTech innovation is sparking investor interest? 21-Dec-2017 By Aerin Einstein-Curtis Crop innovation rather than animal health and nutrition is attracting the AgTech money, says TechAccel. However, it noted […]

18 Dec

This article originally appeared on Global Ag Investing, by Michelle Pelletier Marshall, GAI Media, Dec. 12, 2017: http://www.globalaginvesting.com/15-minutes-techaccel-co-founder-president-ceo-dr-michael-helmstetter/ TechAccel, based in Overland Park, Kansas, is a venture and technology development organization focused on agriculture and animal health. It identifies and invests in new technologies and funds science advancement initiatives with leading research universities to drive the innovations to market. […]

01 Dec

This article originally appeared Nov. 30, 2017, at AnimalPharm, by Joseph Harvey: https://animalpharm.agribusinessintelligence.informa.com/AP013328/TechAccel-Animal-health-is-an-underappreciated-investor-target US agricultural investment firm TechAccel has underlined the need for more venture capital investment in animal health – music to the ears of many start-ups in the industry. The firm’s manager of investments, Brett Morris, said: “We believe animal health and nutrition is […]

22 Nov

By Brett Morris, CFA® This article also was published Nov. 22, 2018, at AgFunder.  Ag Biotech (agriculture biotechnology)  applies to all technologies used on the farm involving biological or chemical processes. It is a broad category involving many types of technology and science, including breeding, genetics, microbiome research, and animal health and nutrition. Ag biotech […]

16 Nov

Second “Path to Commercialization” Grant Awarded to Donald Danforth Plant Science Center KANSAS CITY, Mo.—November 16, 2017—TechAccel, the Kansas City-based technology and venture development company, today announced it has awarded a second grant under its “Path to Commercialization” program at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, one of the world’s largest independent plant science institutes, […]

10 Nov

Excerpted from the Kansas City Business Journal, Nov. 10, 2017 Special Section: “Table of Experts: Agribusiness in the Kansas City Region.” Kimberly Young of the KC Animal Health Corridor: What are the most important trends in agriculture and ag-tech? Michael Helmstetter of TechAccel: There are both good and challenging trends right now. One challenging trend […]

01 Nov

This article by Brian Boyce originally appeared Nov. 1, 2018 in AgDaily. Deep in the darkest dirt of America’s Midwest, Wall Street capital waters the seeds of Silicon Valley technology. And the gadgets and systems once considered storylines for science-fiction films are coming up by the wagon-load as a result. Sam Fiorello, Chief Operating Officer […]