27 Sep

Unlike the agtech investment space, animal health has traditionally been a quieter and lonelier ecosystem. It has also been a historically underappreciated investment market. These days, the animal health market mirrors the ag market in consolidations and shake-ups — with the recent Elanco IPO, the acquisitions of firms like Merck Animal Health and Zoetis among others, and mergers like Merial and […]

11 Jun

Precision agriculture—the application of remote sensing technology and big-data analytics to sub-field crop management—has been praised as the coming revolution in agriculture since the early 1980s, when the military’s global positioning system (GPS) was made available for public use. It was widely believed that farmers could use new technologies to make life easier and produce […]

25 Apr

So far, we’ve been focused on introducing a specific genetic trait into our target tobacco plants. In our last report, we found that our target trait was successfully expressed in the plants. But separately, away from the gene gun and carefully tended tobacco plantlets, our project researchers have also been nurturing a batch of tobacco […]

28 Feb

  It starts small, with tiny plantlets growing from the vestiges of a bio-blasted leaf. But there’s big promise in those plantlets. The mere fact of their growth shows that the chloroplast has been transformed with the new DNA material. At this stage, the plantlets are nurtured and tended with care because we want to […]

19 Feb

Here’s an insider’s view on the important gene gun technology we’re using in our science advancement project on an RNAi-based biopesticide. [See Plant Transformation via biolistics.] The details come from Jeffrey Staub, Ph.D., a TechAccel science advancement program manager, with deep expertise with biolistic transformation via the gene gun. Jeff is also the founder, president […]

15 Feb

One of TechAccel’s science advancement projects, supporting a biopesticide trial with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and the start-up company Plastomics Inc., has researchers taking “target practice” in the lab delivering DNA into tobacco plants using a gene gun. The target practice is part of a research project, called “Danforth Biosprey,” led by Nigel […]

11 Jul

It started with a simple error. The young rice plants were carefully ordered in the greenhouse, arranged in rows labeled with their specific transgenic modification. All conditions controlled, the stage was set for an experiment to determine if the transgenic manipulation in these strains of rice would improve photosynthesis and, therefore, yield. But instead they […]

30 Apr

Adapted from a keynote presentation delivered by TechAccel President and  CEO Michael Helmstetter, Ph.D., at the 2017 InvestMidwest Forum. You may have seen some of the numbers that explain the TechAccel focus: By 2050, we’ll have more than 9 billion people on the planet That means we’ll need 70 percent more food than we produce […]

28 Mar

With every project we evaluate, we tap into our (growing) network of thought-leading technical and market experts to conduct due diligence. It’s part of our secret sauce, our unique strategy to increase our probability of project success. We’re counting on insights from our team of scientists and financial experts, as well as our team members […]

12 Feb

Venture Capital plays an important role in the period in a company’s life when it truly begins to scale and commercialize its innovation. This investment focuses on building the infrastructure required to grow the business, as wells the validation and advancement of the core innovation. In other words, it’s the investment in a company’s Product(s) and Platform(s) until it reaches a sufficient size […]