Animal Health Investment USA

TechAccel is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming Animal Health Investment USA conference April 10-11, 2019, in Boston.

This event, organized by Kisaco Research, brings start-ups as well as innovation leaders in animal health together. TechAccel will host the networking event on Tuesday, April 10.

Michael Helmstetter, Ph.D., President and CEO, will address the conference on Tuesday, just before the networking event and will participate in a panel discussion on Livestock Animal Health: Thoughts on Investment and Innovation in the Food Production Animal Sector.

Additionally, Brett Morris, Principal, will join a panel discussion on Venture Capital Financing: Best Practices for Startups.

Other members of the TechAccel team, including Brad Fabbri, Ph.D., will be at the event. Members of the Covenant Animal Health Partners team — Tom Overbay, DVM; and Bob Nordgren, Ph.D. — will also participate.

We’ll also be on hand the day before, for the Human Biotech and Animal Health Business Partnering Summit. Look for us in Boston!

Also find a recent article: The Case for Animal Health Investing, by Michael Helmstetter.

Cover of The Case for Animal Health Investing