Veterinarian with dairy cattle 10 Jan

This opinion piece was first published Jan. 8, 2019, by Michael Helmstetter, Ph.D., in Forbes. Avoiding widespread use and abuse of antibiotics โ€” particularly at sub-therapeutic levels โ€” is one way of limiting resistance-related outbreaks, but how far should we go? Especially since we lack thorough, comprehensive evidence that antibiotic use in food animals results […]

VMX 2019 logo 10 Jan

TechAccel’s partners, Covenant Animal Health Partners, will be attending the 2019 VMX (Veterinary Meeting & Expo) Jan. 18-23 in Orlando, Fl.     Attending are: Thomas Overbay, DVM Tom Kennedy, Ph.D. Bob Nordgren, Ph.D. The team will also attend “The Gathering” Jan. 20 hosted by the KC Animal Health Corridor.       And, Covenant […]