30 Apr

Adapted from a keynote presentation delivered by TechAccel President and  CEO Michael Helmstetter, Ph.D., at the 2017 InvestMidwest Forum. You may have seen some of the numbers that explain the TechAccel focus: By 2050, we’ll have more than 9 billion people on the planet That means we’ll need 70 percent more food than we produce […]

25 Apr

Kansas City Technology and Venture Development Organization Focuses on Advancing Innovation in Agriculture & Animal Health KANSAS CITY, Mo.—April 25, 2017—TechAccel, a Kansas City-based technology and venture development company, today announced it will sponsor the AgInnovation Showcase, May 8-9, 2017, at the University of California-Davis. This new forum is launched by The World Food Center […]

14 Apr

This article originally appeared in Thinking Bigger Media, April 7, 2017, Vol. 26 Issue 4.  What If? by Dr. Michael Helmstetter Two of the most powerful words in the English language are usually uttered as a question that includes a moment of pause: “What if?” These words signal a constant questioning that can capture hearts, […]

04 Apr

 Brad Fabbri, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, and Lyla Perrodin, Chief Administrative Officer, Join Private Development Company KANSAS CITY, Mo.—April 4, 2017—Technology Acceleration Partners (TechAccel, LLC), the private capital development company that invests in, acquires and accelerates early-stage discoveries and technologies in the agriculture, animal health and food ingredient sectors, today announced the hiring of two […]

03 Apr

See original article at Venture Beat. By Michael Helmstetter, Ph.D., President and CEO, TechAccel When it comes to launching the next on-demand, social, consumer-focused app—your Facebooks, Instagrams and Snapchats of the world—Silicon Valley has no equal. But mankind cannot live on social media alone, and no one is more familiar with that truth than those […]