The Due Diligence Recipe

With every project we evaluate, we tap into our (growing) network of thought-leading technical and market experts to conduct due diligence.

It’s part of our secret sauce, our unique strategy to increase our probability of project success.

We’re counting on insights from our team of scientists and financial experts, as well as our team members who area also faculty with leading research universities or recently retired executives in the agriculture, animal health and food science sectors.

Here’s part of our recipe for due diligence:

  • Analyze the available technical information from the innovation source
  • Analyze technology-specific market information
  • Review the strength of the intellectual property (including freedom-to-operate)
  • Determine development milestones and the research tasks that need to be achieved in order to achieve the milestones
  • Determine the best research location(s) to advance a particular technology project (i.e.,
  • Contract Research Organization, University, Research Institution)

It’s not the full list of ingredients by any means. This and other detailed due diligence data provides the foundation for our portfolio project selection.