30 Mar

Read more! Here are links to some additional coverage: AgFunder News (3/28) BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Benson Hill Biosystems Raises $25m Series B, Reveals CRISPR 2.0 Fortune (3/28) Term Sheet — Tuesday, March 28 St. Louis Business Journal (3/28) Benson Hill adds investors in $25 million financing round Venture Beat (3/28) Benson Hill Biosystems Closes $25 Million […]

28 Mar

 TechAccel Supports AgTech Firm with Equity and Science Advancement Research   KANSAS CITY, Mo.—March 28, 2017—Technology Acceleration Partners (TechAccel, LLC) today announced that it has completed an additional investment in Benson Hill Biosystems. TechAccel is part of Benson Hill’s Series B $25 million capital raise co-led by Prelude Ventures and Lewis & Clark Ventures. TechAccel […]

28 Mar

With every project we evaluate, we tap into our (growing) network of thought-leading technical and market experts to conduct due diligence. It’s part of our secret sauce, our unique strategy to increase our probability of project success. We’re counting on insights from our team of scientists and financial experts, as well as our team members […]

23 Mar

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—March 7, 2017—TechAccel, the Kansas City–based technology and venture development company, today announced it has completed an equity investment in Epicrop Technologies Inc., an agriculture biotechnology company developing revolutionary epigenetic technology to improve crop yields. This investment is part of Epicrop’s extended Series A round, which raised a total of $3.2 million. Additional […]