What IS a “technology & venture development organization?”

We’re using that line a lot to describe our unique business model.

Let’s explore it a little more. Our strategy is focused on co-development of transformative animal, plant, and food ingredient technologies in partnership with global and emerging companies.

  • Global partners have leading market positions in developed economies of the United States and the European Union. They also have distribution channels and access in major emerging economies (i.e., BRIC countries).
  • Emerging companies are advancing much of the innovation that is required to meet the global challenge.

TechAccel also brings a network of research universities into the mix. This is for expertise in evaluating technology, for assistance with science advancement, and also as a source of innovation.

So we put it all together in one place. Our team has expertise in technology sourcing and acquisition, research, project management, and business development. We identify and advance technologies to produce solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues in agriculture, animal health and food safety.